Monday, October 11, 2010

Scary Stuff

More from the "SERIOUSLY?" Files... I swear I should just rename this blog "Seriously?"

I can't even imagine what 'real' celebrities have to put up with in the way of bizarre unsolicited feedback, but I'm pretty sure they must all have a really thick skin, which I am trying desperately to grow. I have been getting a great deal of shall we say, unsavory emails, regarding our creepy campy Halloween decorations made out of doll parts.

Maybe it's unfortunate I grew up in an unpolitically correct time (not that long ago!) when Halloween meant guys with their head sewn on with thumbtack looking bolts out of the sides (Frankenstein, anyone?) and skeletons did not offend everyone who happened to have a dead relative.

So I was overjoyed when Claudia kicked off the fall season with a few ghoulish creations she made out of doll parts she's been saving all year.

Come on now, do you look at these and think "ooh this woman worships Jeffrey Dahmer, damn her and her shop to hell!" Or do you think, dang that would make an awesome decoration at my Halloween Party. Honestly, you don't have to embrace it; People have, and excitedly bought these 3; but I understand it might not be everyone's cup of tea. You might think it's in poor taste, that's OK. I can appreciate that. I respect people's opinions and moral and religious views. But I think sending me emails saying 'stop with the creepy doll creations they are too evocative of dead babies' is a little over the top. You might want to find a clinic to picket instead.

I'd say 9 out of 10 people have given us rave reviews on these items; even if it's "I love that, I wish I could buy it but it would freak my kids out" I consider it a positive. But, let's see, just the other day there was one guy declaring to his wife "I don't consider THAT Art, that's disgusting." I wish I thought to tell him if it were really meant to be ART the prices would be a LOT SCARIER.


Claudia said...


~*Jenn*~ said...

I LOVE those decorations, since I'm no where near Salvage Chic *tear* it makes me want to hunt up dolls at the thrift and rip them apart so that I can have them too LoL It's too bad when everyone thinks they need to share their negative feedback, everyone's a critic!! You guys are awesome, I love this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear all the 'buzz' kill comments.

My Mom bought one for my Uncle. It was called Arm and a Leg Soup. You see he is a lawyer...and we thought that would be a great ice breaker when discussing prices with clients. You ARM and a LEG!

haha We think they are great and creative. Keep it up!


cfb said...

I think you two are extremely creative and hilarious! If your ship were filled with potpourri and everything matched and the two of you smiled all the time THAT would make me retch, not these things. I am sorry you are dealing with people with a keyboard and no other way for social interaction other than anonymous ranting. If they want nothing on the web to offend them then they'd better, um, stay OFF the web!


Anonymous ranter #347

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like Mr. "ugly not art" was none to happy about being dragged shopping with his wife and was feeling a little "grumpy". As for the rest of them, life is to short to take so seriously, have a little fun!

Anonymous said...

It's Halloween for ghouls' sake!
If people are concerned perhaps they should address all the slasher movies out there!!!!

Anonymous said...

I did love the dolls they were a great idea. But for me they would creep my brother and my kids out. My bro has a thing about He was visiting.