Friday, April 2, 2010

Truth in Advertising?

For those of you who can't get enough Salvage Chic updates on the website, or this somewhat-stagnant blog... you can also become our fan on Facebook! Where I try to post enticing status updates about auctions visited or exciting new inventory. And where in fact I posted these chairs on Wednesday after Jack dropped them off at the shop. I bet him they would sell before he made the drive home to Quincy, and in an effort to up my chances of being right, I posted them with this blurb on our Facebook page: "Adirondack Chairs, $65 each, GUARANTEED NOT TO LAST!" And a kind Facebook fan replied... "Funny Headline - maybe should say GUARANTEED TO SELL FAST?" Ummm, Yeah, THAT'S what I meant! And they didn't last, I mean, DID sell fast! Let's hope they DO last longer in the yard of their new owner than they did on my sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

Where on facebook may you be? Under what name?

Salvage Chick said...

Hi, we are listed under "Salvage Chic" on Facebook, Thanks!

jane said...

Finally found the facebook page! You're blogging stories makes my day, always upbeat and interesting.
I shall post the Salvage Chic on my homepage for all to see!

jane said...

Found the facebook page! I thought I was computer savy, huh?
A suggestion might be to 'add' as friends so post go on their profile pages for all to see and If they don't want it there, they can hide them..Spreading the word of Salvage Chic Antiques and your blogs, they make my day!