Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sage Advice: Take a Road Trip this Weekend!

Just a reminder for all the folks who enjoyed the 4/30 "Market Fresh" Blog about my trip to the Sage Farm Antiques Monthly Marketplace in North Hampton, NH; This weekend is the June Market, "White & Breezy". All of the stock from the previous month's market has been removed and replaced with vintage Home & Garden Accents in White and Shades of White. I'm told it's one of their most popular themes each year, and regret I won't get a chance to check it out myself.

Market Hours Fri 10-7, Sat & Sun 10-5 THIS WEEKEND ONLY, and then they close to prep for the July market. Located just 4 miles off of I-95 Exit 2 in North Hampton, NH - visit for more info.

Oh and if you do go - Please report back to us all via the "Comments" page!!


Anonymous said...

I went and had a blast! Came home w/ nice oval frame, ironstone pitcher, ornate framed oval mirror in white, and very nice green table. Didn't know whether to go left into house or right into barn! I came away happy but passed a girl carry some vintage fabric that she had snagged by "going right" - which I would have snapped up myself! :-)

Salvage Chick's Blog said...

Thanks, Wanda! I have heard a lot of good reports in person at the shop from folks who ventured up to Sage, but yours is the First Official Comment - thanks for taking the time to post!