Tuesday, June 30, 2009

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N... in the Summer Sun!

Of course, there was no sun yesterday and Monday/Tuesdays are my usual day off so it didn't FEEL like vacation yet, and I spent the day doing the usual boring Monday Household Things. Indulged in one of my favorite hobbies, which I call "Ripping off CVS." Calm Down, I'm not doing anything illegal! I'm just a serial coupon cutter who likes to take advantage of those CVS Extra Bucks. One of those adjustments I made when I quit my obnoxiously-stressful-yet-ridiculously-lucrative job to open Salvage Chic. I stopped getting the Sunday paper for a while in a further effort to cut costs, but recently realized that was detrimental when Kenny ran out of deodorant and borrowed the household ATM card to go get some. I should've known better! He's one of those types that favors the additive-free granola-crunchie aisle in the store and came home with some deodorant that was gluten free and packaged in hemp but cost like, 12 dollars. SIGH. Back to clipping coupons... I'm not 100% brand loyal, with most things there are 1 or 2 brands I prefer so I'll tell you the key here to the 'Ripping off CVS' game: Clip any coupons for a brand you would buy; Read the CVS flyer on Sunday. If it's on sale AND you have a coupon, buy it. Even if you don't need it right now; it's not like in 6 months you're suddenly not going to need shampoo. So here's my booty from yesterday, and what do you think it cost?

2 bottles of 32-load Wisk HE detergent
3 cans of Aussie/Herbal Essences mousse
1 bottle Aussie shampoo
2 guy Speed Stick deodorants
1 chick Secret deodorant
2 tubes Colgate toothpaste
1 guy Edge shaving cream
1 box Bandaids
4 tins altoids (a treat for Kenny who eats them in one sitting like they are crack)

Well I'll tell ya... the pre-sale/coupon price was $68. I paid $32 bucks, PLUS I got $11 in Extra Bucks to use next week; so essentially $21. Pretty good, huh?


Claudia said...

You ARE my soul-mate!!!! SIGH.......


oliveoyl64 said...

I call it the "CVS lottery". It is shocking how much I can walk out of there with for free or little out of pocket. Did you know that if you buy cosmetics there and you don't like them, even after trying them, CVS will give you a refund?

I cannot get my family or friends to play the "cvs game", such silly wasteful people.

Salvage Chick's Blog said...

I forgot to mention, that sometimes even if it's something I don't want, but "Free" after the Extra Bucks, I'll get it and stick it in the Food Pantry box at the local library. Hungry people need toiletries too...