Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

Turned out, the DOG was not for sale, but everything at Salvage Chic was 20% off this weekend, and it was truly a Smashing Sale Event! The shop opened early yesterday at 9AM and folks started trickling in. I was busy with last-minute things like putting out the flags, hanging sale signs, etc. when I noticed this cute little terrier wagging at me from a vehicle in the parking lot, but thought nothing of it. A while later Claudia mentioned she was getting worried about this little dog out there in the car, as the day was quickly heating up. I figured it belonged to this lady who had been browsing for a while, she was probably just about done, but just in case when she appeared around a corner I struck up a conversation. "Your dog out there is so cute, what is its name?" The woman looked at me blankly and said "I Don't Have a Dog." OOPS, sorry! gesturing at the car... I figured that was your car, it must belong to someone down at the pizza shop; "That IS my car, but I don't... OH MY GOD! I forgot, I am dog-sitting my mother's dog!!" Well BRING IT IN, we said, and a moment later she returned with just the cutest little bundle of wire-haired terrier we ever did see. Holly was a doll and such a polite little customer, sampling water out of a vintage Pyrex bowl we offered her and hopping up on the seat behind the counter when we invited her. Meanwhile her Big Sister/Dog Sitter mentioned that there were several pieces of furniture she was interested in, if she bought them could she pick them up after our vacation? SURE! I said, but figuring she'd want them sooner than later, mentioned that we offer delivery. Then proceeded to follow her around the shop slapping SOLD tags on about 8 pieces of furniture, all the while making small talk only to discover, she recently bought a house on the street where my mom works at a Dental Practice in West Roxbury! Small world. We discussed delivery logistics and I said since she was new to the area, when she needed a dentist she should visit Family Dentistry. "Only, not until after the delivery; if my mom finds out we'll be in the area she'll book me for a teeth cleaning." Her eyes lit up; YOU must be THE BLOGGER! (Sigh... Guilty as charged! and then more Salvage Chick Sarcasm came out: You have no idea how un-nerving it is to get a reminder postcard from The Dentist that you're overdue for a visit... and it's in YOUR MOM'S HANDWRITING!!) We spent some more time with our new favorite customer and then sadly, she scooped up Holly to make the trek back up to Boston. Of course as soon as they left, Claudia said we should've gotten a picture of Holly for the Blog! Duh. Maybe later this week when we make the Special Delivery... but please, don't tell my Mom we're coming.


Hayley said...

I hope the sale was successful for you guys! My friends stopped by, and loved everything. Thanks again for thinking of us, I hope we get some more business from the sale!

Ires said...

Enjoy a well deserved vacation! - Irene

Anonymous said...

That WAS a cute puppy! The kids actually did ask me if we could BUY the puppy!

Thanks for allowing them to walk around...they asked me yesterday where the lady in the apron from the shop was.

I told them you were on vacation...they said, 'oh'.