Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Sweet It Is

or rather, How Sweet it WILL BE this weekend at Salvage Chic... As if a 20% off Store-wide Sale weren't enough to tempt you to visit, we're sweetening the pot with some Salvage Chic Signature Cookies to be provided by Hayley & Chris of the fledgling bakery Sweet Inspirations. For some serious Food Porn to get you salivating, check out Hayley's Blog "Buff Chickpea" on the list at the right. I'm not much of a sweet fiend but one look at today's Vanilla Layer Cake with Bittersweet Buttercream post made me want to go ransack the pantry for a Twix leftover from 2 Halloweens ago. Our friend Maddie (of the "Madly Patch" Blog) visited us at Salvage Chic today and informed us she was in on tasting the Salvage Chic cookies in Hayley's Test Kitchen, and they are 'adorable' and 'to-die-for'. Can't wait to see what Hayley & Chris will have cooked up for us on Saturday!! Sweet Inspirations is currently accepting small catering orders; we'll have the Details for you at Salvage Chic this weekend... Be THERE, or Be SQUARE!

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