Friday, June 12, 2009

All the News That's Fit to Print

and apparently, there is a LONG WAITING LIST... but my Press Agent Claudia managed to wrangle me an interview with Reporter Julie of the Patriot Ledger, to be featured in the "South Shore Entrepreneur" column! Julie and her photographer Greg arrived at Salvage Chic early yesterday morning; (OK, so 10 AM is not THAT early.) The fact that I had had one of those "Final Exam Today and Didn't Attend the Class All Semester Let Alone STUDY" dreams the night before was surely a sign that I was anxious about the interview - but the ice was quickly broken when Claudia asked Greg where he was from and he answered 'Marshfield', to which I replied my Husband was from Marshfield... Greg took one look at my last name on the business card I had just handed him and promptly launched into a litany of stories about my father-in-law. Claudia and I almost wet our pants when he regaled us with the story that Big Kenny once won a Cadillac in a raffle and then refused to claim it because he didn't want to pay the taxes on it. Sadly, my Husband later informed me that was actually ANOTHER branch of the Family Tree Greg was referring to but still, it made for a good time. My rehearsed answers to potential questions went right out the window and when Julie asked me how I liked my newfound career in comparison to the corporate rat-race I left behind 3 years ago, I blurted out "Well, my EYE doesn't TWITCH anymore..." Luckily Claudia maintained her composure so I hope between the 2 of us there were enough Sound Bites for Julie to piece together an entertaining article. South Shore Residents - Look for it on a newsstand near you on July 7th!

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Anonymous said...

soooo exciting!! you didn't say anything...good for you!!

I am sure it will be hilarious and what great exposure!