Sunday, May 31, 2009

Field of Dreams - For the Gardener

Next time you visit Salvage Chic, head south less than half a mile and you will find this horticultural gem known as Fieldstone Garden. Nestled on Union Street in Hanson on the property of proprietors Tammy & Chris Field, here you'll find a treasure trove of annuals, perennials, vegetables & herbs for sale, many of which Tammy has cultivated from seed. Claudia and I swung by today after our shop closed, she to buy some vegetable plants, and I to take some pictures. Since I'm a small business owner myself, I like to patronize the "little guy"; but I'm not much of a gardener (future blog about THAT!) so I'll just spread the word, and let the photos speak for themselves. Go visit Tammy - I guarantee her prices are lower than any you'll find at even the Biggest of the Big Box stores.

Lush beds of perennials just waiting to be potted

While I was taking pictures and right about when I was thinking "My Yard looks like CRAP compared to this place..." Tammy sidled up and said "There's another Secret Garden out back." My eyes lit up. OH! You mean one I shouldn't photograph?!? "NO..." (she probably wanted to smack me) "there's nothing ILLEGAL there, you just can't see it because it's behind the shed." Check it out:

Speaking of the shed, talk about SALVAGE CHIC! Chris built it and all of these things for Tammy. (SWOON...) A talented carpenter, also available for hire.

Last but not least, a SQUIRREL NUTKIN STATUE! Purchased at, you guessed it, SALVAGE CHIC!! Worth a visit to see this alone. Go visit Tammy & Chris Thursday through Saturday from 10-5; and be sure to tell 'em that Salvage Chick sent you!! Oh and PS: Fieldstone Garden is DOG-FRIENDLY! So bring your leashed 4-legged friend along for a romp.

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