Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day In The Life

Many people ask me what I do on my days 'Off' so being remiss in Blogging of late, I thought I'd regale you all with tales from Behind-the-Scenes. This rainy morning found me as most Monday mornings do, lounging in my PJs and looking forward to a Whole Day with Nothing To Do. Just as Izzy, Duff and I were hunkering down looking for a good Bad Lifetime Movie... Suddenly there was an email from a woman in Duxbury that Claudia was slated to deliver furniture to today, asking if another piece she had seen was still available and if so, could it be included in the delivery? Of course it could! So I headed off to Salvage Chic to help Claudia load it into her van and then decided to tag along for the ride. A short while later found us at the Cutest Little Beach-House in Duxbury - in some very nasty weather. Sort of like the weather that hit that same beach in the No-Name storm of '91 and inspired the movie "A Perfect Storm." Those houses aren't built on stilts for nothing! But I digress.

Soon we were back at Salvage Chic and I decided to take a ride to the Registry of Motor Vehicles because (and I really hope my Dad is not reading this...) I was recently informed that my Driver's License is expired! A whole other story but suffice it to say, I would board Dalmatian Puppies at Cruella DeVille's house before I would try to pass off an expired license to the Nasty Lady at Citizen's Bank in Halifax. To cash a check made out to ME, from another account owned by ME, no less. I guess being ME expired along with the license, according to the Bank Sheriff. But I digress.

Much like Ellis Island, down at the RMV I found a lot of tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to break free; or at least have their number called. The estimated wait was one hour and 20 minutes so I decided to hit an Undisclosed Location nearby to kill some time. Managed to waste a little over an hour and pick up some fun goodies, one of which (a 1982 Pac-Man mug!) has already been commandeered by my Husband. Apparently his 4th birthday at McDonald's in Marshfield, where he was gifted with Pac-Man for Atari was Quote: "My BEST PARTY Of My WHOLE LIFE" Umm, OK, I thought our wedding was a pretty cool party, but if Pac-Man does it for ya... Once again, I digress!

So back to the RMV. I whittled away so much time at the Undisclosed Location I all but raced back to the Registry (as much as you could dare race with an expired license) only to find there was still some waiting to do. There were no seats to be had, but OH GOOD, there were magazines! Specifically, Woodworker's Journal and Trains Magazine. SIGH. You'd think Duval could give up those pricey curtains in the Governor's Office and spring for a TV or 2 at the RMV. FINALLY another hour later my number was called, and soon I was again legally licensed, skipping to the Jeep thinking "I can't believe my Helpful Harry Dad did not remind me on my birthday to check my license expiration; like he's always so quick to notice when my Inspection Sticker is expired..." and then blinked disparagingly at the number 5 glaring at me from the sticker on the windshield. SIGH. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow??

By then it was edging on 4:00 and I had just enough time to go home and let the dogs out before meeting Claudia to venture out on our Monday Night Auction Date. You never know what you are going to find at this Auction Hall and tonight it was really... empty. Normally we are able to scoop up some good buys at Auction because the 'Real Antiquers' are so distracted by the mahogany and crystal that they fail to see the beauty of the 'Salvage Chic' Junktiques. But when pickins' are slim, people bid through the roof on ANYTHING just because they want to go home with SOMETHING. Tonight, however, the stuff was so bad the Auctioneer couldn't give it away. The Highlight of the Night? We sit in the front row and I was scarfing down my over-salted popcorn when this one particularly bad item came up for bid, and I reached up to wipe my mouth with my napkin. The Auctioneer exclaimed "Claudia's Friend! I almost thought that was a BID!" then muted his mic and said "but I realize you were just wiping your Cake Hole." THAT was funny. And we didn't leave completely empty-handed, so all was not lost.

So there you have it, A Day in the Life. And Now, like most days, I'm sitting here at 10 PM messing around on my computer, wondering "What did I DO all day?"


Renee said...

Just found your site on Craigslist and LOOOOOOVE it...I have already sent it to 2 of my friends! Not only is your 'stuff' fantastic...but loved this entry for the day!!!

You should connect with some real estate agents for estates or houses that need to be cleaned out...I just put a house under agreement and the house is FILLED with this stuff!!!

I am on the you come this way???

Salvage Chick's Blog said...

Hi Renee, Thanks for the kind words! We do have a couple of Realtor Friends in the immediate area, but none as far as the Cape. Look forward to chatting with you, if you get to make it up to Pembroke. Meanwhile, keep checking the site, I try to update it daily; you'll be amazed how much comes & goes on any given week. Happy Browsing!