Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire...

No it's not Thank God, I've just had that song in my head since this whole roofing activity started. I did surface today to kindly ask the Roofers to move their vehicle and it only cost me $900 in extra materials they discovered I needed after excavation began. Seriously... I am not complaining because their price is right, they're doing a nice orderly job, obviously experienced and they're still coming in at HALF of any other estimate we got. (You KNOW you need a new roof when a local roofer stops by unsolicited TWICE to tell you he cringes every time he drives by your house!!) I'm not aware of any Historical Restrictions on my house mainly because I come from the "Easier to Ask Forgiveness than Permission" school of thought, but I am really glad we stuck with the cedar shakes in the front to maintain the integrity of our circa 1833 home. Hopefully it will weather nicely in time for its sesquicentenialbiennialseptigenarian celebration or whatever 175 years is, next year!

Here are some photos and if you recognize the house no use casing the joint, there are no Fine Antiquities here just crap I stole from Mack to paint.

Tomorrow I will be out-of-pocket (Argh! a holdover from my Corporate Days! Let's all "Take this offline" and "Step up to the Plate"...) I mean I will be unable to post because I am meeting my Phantom Picker on her last Wednesday off to see what goodies she's amassed and we will maybe do some purchasing in Undisclosed Locations. Tune in to the website later in the week to see what Goodies have arrived!!

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