Friday, May 25, 2007

New Shop Tunes

I'm always looking for new shop music but it's tricky building a music library that is appropriate for the general public. Sometimes an iffy song or two makes it on its way to the iPod and you'll find me diving from behind the counter waving my remote like a lunatic when it comes on. Just last week a lady was grooving to the Soul Asylum rendition of Rhinestone Cowboy - I mean, she was belting it out. But I'm pretty sure the version she was familiar with did not contain the line "It's been a #!@*)#! load of compromising..." Oops. Hopefully she was not too offended, it's not like I was playing Rage Against the Machine or something.

This week I found a Tribute to Bob Dylan Concert featuring a huge medley of excellent artists and with 29 songs figured it was worth a gamble. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Winner! Yesterday a guy asked what radio station was playing and today 2 chicks said they were "Rocking out" to it. Come on in and have a listen!

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