Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Birdcage In the Hand...

Lex Luthor is at it again, bent on destroying Salvage Chick's Superpowers in garnering cool stuff for the store!! Last week I stumbled upon a birdhouse at one of those Undisclosed Locations and knew I had a winner because when I dug it out of its hiding place vultures started circling waiting for me to put it down for one precious unattended minute. I immediately thought of my Yard Sale Buddy who loves stuff like that so I bought it and brought it over to his house and gave it to him. No ulterior motives - just thought that he would really like it, after all what is six bucks among friends.

The next weekend Yard Sale Buddy mentions to Lex Luthor "Look At This Birdhouse Salvage Chick Gave Me" and wouldn't you know it the very next day, what do I spot in Lex's truck bed but a BIRDHOUSE and sure enough, when I go to visit Yard Sale Buddy he says "Look At This Birdhouse Lex Luthor Gave Me!!" UnBELIEVEable. Of course my birdhouse has pride of place smack dab in the middle of Yard Sale Buddy's front yard and Lex's birdhouse is tucked away hidden in the Tent because it needs work... kind of like handing someone half a sweater for Christmas and saying "Here, You Finish It", dontcha think?

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