Monday, May 28, 2007

I Love a Parade!

One of the few perks of living on the Main Drag in a small town is that the Holiday Parades pass right by your door. I was out back working on a project when I heard the guy next door telling his usually quiet dog to RELAX and then my own not-usually-quiet hound let out her distinctive ROOOOOO so I picked my head up and realized, the Memorial Day Parade was happening! I ran inside and alerted my husband then jetted out the front door to watch the festivities. Barely had I landed on the stoop and 2 guys in the parade were waving and yelling "The Roof Looks GREAT!!" I was so proud -it's finally done!!

Today was a great day as my husband and I almost never have the same day off and have been looking forward to the day together. Of course we each migrated to our own pet projects but it was nice to have the other nearby. Kenny finished pumping the water off the pool cover and opened it up while I worked on my latest obsession... I REALLY wish I had my camera handy to share a few photos with you but that will have to wait. I've turned the Carriage House you walk through to get to my back door into a charming little tavern. The church pews I got snookered into buying are nestled right under the window Kenny recently installed with a table in between. We hung out there last night and had dinner and a few beers - had a bit of a headache this morning but it's not like we had to drive home! We've christened it The Sleepy Beggar Tavern in honor of a certain dog who could barely keep her eyes open while she waited for a scrap of cheeseburger.

In addition to refreshments, visitors to the Sleepy Beggar can also enjoy WiFi Internet and Cable TV! I love having my in-house IT guy. He was joking that the perk of being married to Salvage Chick is she gets dumped 2 benches and then creates an Insta-Tavern without leaving the house to buy anything.

Look for pictures in the next day or two and then invite yourself to come hang out!

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