Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Intense Day

My Husband's on vacation this week and we've been looking forward to a few days off together; with him working a 'normal' job and me being at the shop on weekends, we often joke we're like two ships passing in the night. Yesterday found us puttering around the house and doing some much needed weeding in the garden; then Kenny announced he wanted to tend to the front of the house which has been 'bugging him'. ME TOO! I exclaimed, and skipped off to assist him; only to realize, he was talking landscaping upkeep, and I was talking... paint color.

Let me preface this by saying we live on the country highway and don't do much more than drive past the front of the house to get to the back entrance. Upon close examination we realized we were seriously lacking Curb Appeal. We started out removing two gnarly shrubs that that we've been meaning to get rid of since we bought the house 4 years ago; once they were gone I decided the other two flowering trees hiding the house had to go too. And then there was that pesky paint color; when we bought it the house had a deeper grey color, with white trim and brick red shutters. More recently the grey had faded to an almost white. Since the house is Cape Cod style and only painted on the clapboard in the front with weathered cedar shingles on the other 3 sides, I pointed out that we could put a new color on the house by painting what equated to 2 walls of a room. Kenny was open to the idea and asked what color I had in mind. "Well... with the brick red shutters & door I think it would look really good in an historical yellow color; but it's gotta be JUST the right color yellow or it's going to look like McDonald's." That's OK, he said, worst case we could paint the shutters & door a different color. I shot him a quick look like Don't Be Sarcastic; WHAT? he said; "It's just that, we have like 21 windows with 2 shutters each." He blinked; Oh ****. You BETTER get the right color yellow; I forgot the shutters go all the way around the house!!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see just WHAT color I picked and how it all turned out... judging from the comments of passers-by it's a great improvement!!

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