Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck

If a Woodchuck had this Woodstove? I don't know but if you see one tell him to start Chucking!! Kenny & I launched Operation Woodstove early this summer after we got a letter from the Oil Company demanding we get on the budget program because based on last year's consumption (with the thermostat set at 60!), they were estimating over $5000 in oil required to heat our Ancient Home. There's something to be said for your house being built before Abraham Lincoln was President but Airtight is not one of those words! Needless to say, trying to even find a woodstove let alone get it installed during the summer is about as easy as having a swimming pool installed in January. And now that fall is upon us, woodstoves have become the needle in the proverbial haystack. I have to give credit to Kenny for stalking every Lowe's in a 30-mile radius and finally scoring this floor model from the one on Brockton. We also lucked out because the guy who had come out to scope out our floorplan and determine the best fireplace to stick the thing in, was three weeks out for booking installs but happened to be working on a chimney 3 houses down this week and I think he thought he could slam this in in an hour or two. Those poor guys were here all day until almost 7PM, meticulously enlarging the opening brick by brick while my crazy hounds were up their ass. I think one of the guys was a Dog Whisperer or something because the dogs actually stayed pretty quiet... either that or the guys figured out the vacuum is their nemesis, and just ran it all day to keep them at bay. Judging from the frazzled state of Kenny who worked from home juggling conference calls all day, the latter is the case. But for now, the fire is toasty, the beer is cold, and the Red Sox are winning, so I guess he'd call it a good day after all.

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