Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

and Around... and Around... I learned that last Sunday when Mack from Never Open Antiques was over visiting and spied a bureau one of my suppliers had just delivered. It was truly an awful looking item, dark wood with mismatched plastic red & blue handles, something I would never sell in the store which is why I figured Mack did a triple-take when he saw it. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? he exclaimed like he had seen a ghost; I explained that I had just sold 2 bureaus that morning so I had this guy bring me 2 more to fill the holes until I could paint them for next week. "He bought that from us LAST weekend." Oh, Well... Great. Hopefully everyone got the cut they wanted off of it and does not regret it when they see it in all its AFTER MAKEOVER GLORY!!

Anyway we headed out to the parking lot so Mack could show me some stuff he had picked up that morning, all the while shaking his head saying "I can't believe you BOUGHT that." He threw open his tailgate and I peered in to find these 3 slabs of marble I had picked up months ago at an auction for like a dollar; I finally decided I was never going to get around to doing whatever I thought I was going to do with them, and gifted them to Yard Sale Buddy for his Yard Sale. "WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?" I intoned, mimicking Mack's disbelief when he spied my bureau. "From Yard Sale Buddy," he smugly replied (as if he beat me to them); "He got them from a small clean-out he did on Pearl Street in Braintree." I choked back my laughter. "Are you sure it wasn't Halifax??" Now he just looked confused; I'm pretty sure he said Pearl Street in Braintree... why, IS there a Pearl Street in Halifax?" By then I could no longer stifle the Giggles. "MACK..." he looked at me expectantly; "You know that is my last name, right?" and burst out laughing. I left him on the curb shaking his head muttering "That son of a..." and you know I couldn't resist turning back to yell "I can't believe you BOUGHT those."

I guess what Goes Around REALLY DOES Come Around... and one man's trash is truly another one's treasure!!

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Anonymous said...

That is funny! I am always picking things up at the thrift store because they look interesting .. until I realize that it was something that I donated! I've yet to buy anything, but only time will tell.

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