Sunday, September 14, 2008

Junk Swap?

As you might guess, being in this business I watch a lot of HGTV home design shows. My Husband is always encouraging me to try out for one of those Design Star contests but I'm secretly afraid I'd end up being The Cryer who winds up in tears when her choice of paint color is questioned by the judges. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from an unknown party that I could see from the preview screen started out "Hi There; I hope you don't mind me contacting you but my name is Elisha and I'm a casting producer with the show..." My heart started beating faster as I scrambled to open the email thinking Oh.My.God! I bet Trading Spaces fired Paige Davis and wants me to be the new host! Come on, hurry up email server, open open open... and there It Was. "with the show Wife Swap that airs on ABc television. I'm currently looking for families that are garage sale and antiquing enthusiasts and stumbled across your site and blog and was wondering if you had a family and if you might be interested." My heart sank along with my dashed hopes and dreams of being the new Trading Spaces heiress but I have to admit the idea intrigued me. I imagined them swapping me with some housewife from Beverly Hills who would be horrified when forced to Dumpster Dive headfirst while Yard Sale Buddy held her by the feet; she would lament to the camera when her French Manicure was ruined toiling at the keyboard posting things to sell on eBay. I was on a roll, I thought GEE this might really work! Then I remembered I've SEEN that show and how they do their best editing to exploit the quirks of a family. I could picture the reunion scene now, with the highbrow housefrau tripping across the parking lot in her Jimmy Choos, leaping into her husband's arms exclaiming "I thought I'd DIE if I had to watch another CSI Miami marathon!!" SIGH... I guess I'll take a pass and just keep waiting for that email from HGTV.

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