Saturday, September 6, 2008

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Which is all I could say to Yard Sale Buddy about his approval, or lack thereof, of my newly painted house! I called him up yesterday to see what he thought about the new yellow color and he replied "You need to paint the shutters" WHAT?!? I exclaimed, hoping he was just goading me because he knew I picked the new color solely to coordinate with the existing shutters that I did not want to have to repaint. "There's nothing WRONG with the shutters, are you sure you weren't looking at the back side of them when we had them closed for painting?" No, he insisted, the yellow is OK but the shutters look like crap, you need to take them down, scrape and repaint them." We went around in circles for a few minutes until finally I said WHATEVER and pretended someone had come into the shop so I could get off the phone, fuming.

Fast forward to today when Yard Sale Buddy called me up to chat and asked if I could print him some more business cards. "No problem; but First you have to say My House Looks Nice." "I told you it looks nice, you just have to paint the shutters." We DID! I (lied) exclaimed, and then waited during a pregnant pause, knowing he drove by my house this morning to get to work. "Oh really... When?" YESTERDAY, I replied, I told Kenny what you said and he put a quick fresh coat of the red on them. I could almost see him nodding his approval over the phone. "You know, I THOUGHT it looked better when I drove by this morning but I figured it was just the rain making them look shiny. Everything looks great now, Nice Job." And suddenly all was right with the world; or HIS perception of it, anyway!!

To give you an idea of the "Before" picture, here's a shot of it when we first started painting:

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Vintage Chics Resale said...

Love the new paint job, the house looks gorgeous! Great Job!