Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've Been YELPED!!

This cute couple from Cambridge came down to the shop yesterday and bought a bunch of furniture for their new apartment. They seemed to beeline right in on a few items so I asked if they had seen my ads on Craigslist and the girl replied "Actually... somebody Yelped you." Excuse me? I didn't even know what that meant but somehow felt violated. She explained that is a website where folks can go on and write reviews about businesses. Oh. Cool! I could not wait to check that out, but I was not about to rush them out the door as they quickly became my new Favorite Customers, buying so much stuff we had to strap furniture to the roof of their SUV. This morning I finally remembered to look up Yelp, and found my new friend from Cambridge had some really nice things to say about Salvage Chic! Take a look and feel free to add your own review if you have the time; just don't YELP too LOUD if it's a complaint, LOL.

I can't seem to make a link work here so you'll have to copy & paste this into your Browser (or just go to and search for Salvage in Pembroke, MA):

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