Thursday, January 24, 2008

Colonel Mustard in the Ballroom with a Candlestick?

Actually it was Yard Sale Buddy in the Shop's Back Room with a Lead Pipe! And the victim was me, Salvage Chick! We arrived at the shop today with a fresh bounty of finds that were desperately in need of cleaning. "Tell you what," I said, "If you fix my sink I'll clean EVERYTHING." He looked relieved and drove off to get supplies; little did he know what was in store for him. A month or so ago my Husband took the little wall sink out of the back room for me and attempted to install this utility sink I bought. Well of course you know the pipes were in the wrong places and the fittings were all wrong and there was MY JUNK everywhere in a room too small in the first place... in a desperate attempt to salvage my marriage to Kenny I finally told him to forget the sink install.
Anyway back to today, a few hours later I returned from some errands to find Claudia sitting at the desk surrounded by bin upon bin of plumbing supplies, rolling her eyes at Yard Sale Buddy in the back room. Time flies when you're NOT having fun because suddenly it was FOUR HOURS later, and the sink was finally installed! What happened in between? All sorts of things including me and Yard Sale Buddy jammed in the back room in practically compromising positions; me holding the sink while he managed to whack me THREE TIMES in the same knee with the channel locks; me telling him I didn't think the 'Knee Reflex Test' was working but I might kick him in the face anyway... somehow we emerged as friends. Saint Yard Sale Buddy never lost his cool and to top it off said "Cleaning all this, taking pictures and listing it online and then shipping it... I feel bad you are doing all the work." I laughed out loud "Yeah well DON'T, you just spent six hours under my sink, and I sure didn't feel bad you were doing all the work!" Not to mention what he spends on buying Dunkin Donuts Tea for me...

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