Saturday, January 5, 2008

Directory Assistance

The shop phone rang this morning and it was a woman looking for a coffee table which, unfortunately, I had none of available for sale. Now before I go on with this story let me remind you that more than half of the phone calls I get are actually Yard Sale Buddy disguising his voice and asking for some obscure item. Sometimes there are like 3 messages left overnight in all different voices rambling on and on about how "evidently I will have to go to WalMart and get a spatula and some salt and pepper shakers and some other items that I need since you are not open." I've had to be extra careful on the phone since I mistook that Pembroke Firefighter for Yard Sale Buddy and asked him 'are you calling to tell me how HOT I am?".
So back to the present story, I told the lady I had no coffee tables and she said "Tell me, what is the name of the shop around the corner from you?" Ummm... (insert pause) well... (my brain wants to scream 'you mean NEVER OPEN ANTIQUES?' but there is no way Yard Sale Buddy can do a woman's voice this well!) do I put this delicately... "I don't really think they have a name." And I knew where this was going. "FINE" she said, "if you could just give me their phone number." Ummm... well... I don't think they have one of those either. "OH FOR GOD'S SAKE!" she exclaimed. My sentiments exactly!

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