Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chairman of the Bored

So Mack is back in the States and came in today all up in arms because he got a call from the Pembroke Zoning Board insisting he cease and desist with use of a Sale sign on the sidewalk that is not under permit and various other charges of infraction. I was only half listening as I was trying to chip the last 1/2 inch of wax out of a bunch of Mason jar candles I burned in the shop when he said something about reading on my Blog about how Yard Sale Buddy leaves me all these crazy messages disguising his voice. OH! I said; I did get a message from some guy on the Zoning Board complaining about the brass bed in the parking lot but I assumed it was HIM! pointing to Yard Sale Buddy. And I looked from Yard Sale Buddy to Mack and back thinking "Holy Sh*t that was REALLY a call from the Town?" and suddenly got an awful case of the giggles; I must say Yard Sale Buddy has the best darn Poker Face I ever saw but I do recall him asking for Mack's phone number a few weeks ago... and he stood there like "You're kidding me! The Zoning Board, huh? Well that Sale sign obstructs pedestrian traffic. And that brass bed was certainly an EYESORE." By now I was trying so hard not to laugh I stood there chipping furiously away at the wax and finally turned toward the trash can so they would not see me wiping tears from my eyes. "Don't you have Caller ID?" I asked Mack and he said Yes but it read Private Caller. Well I highly doubt the town of Pembroke has an unlisted number.

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