Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is it a Full Moon?

Or was I just cranky because my fussy sock puppet puppy woke me up at 6AM. He is getting too big to resemble a sock puppet but I swear if he could sing he would be crooning "Down at Fraggle Rock!" Anyway I started the day off in a semi-foul mood and it got no better when this joker I agreed to sell some things on eBay for showed up disgruntled that he was only getting 50% of the sales. Hmmm what part of "I'll list it and split the proceeds with you" did he not understand? So it reminded me of this conversation I had with my mom once where I related a story about telling someone they could kiss my arse and she added "yeah, in Filene's window on Dollar Day!" I told that to Yard Sale Buddy and he LOVED it, adopted it, and made it his own. That's why I think it must be a full moon; he had his own run-in with someone today. And he called me up, and said "He can kiss my arse, at Macy's on Thanksgiving. At the parade." Whatever, A for effort, right?

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