Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Lay Lady, Lay...

Lay across my BIG BRASS BED..." Look what I found in front of the shop today! Do you think someone is trying to tell me something? Don't they know I am a happily married woman?!? Maybe they just think I am a huge Bob Dylan fan?

The funny thing is I know who did this. One of my Picker guys who sells me stuff pulled into the parking lot Sunday and rolled down his window asking "Can you use a brass bed frame?" I gave him a resounding NO but said if it was something that could be scrapped, Yard Sale Buddy would probably take it. He rolled his eyes and said "I can scrap it if no one wants it... Do you think the guy around the corner would want it?" Oh, Mack? At Never Open Antiques? Sure, he LOVES stuff like that! I smiled and sent the guy on his way. Well I guess Mack did not want it and NEITHER DID THE SCRAP YARD so he 'gifted' it to me. THANKS BUT NO THANKS!Free Bed while it lasts, or until Billy Kidd evicts me for polluting the parking lot, whichever comes first!

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