Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where's my Doggone...

Doggone What, you ask? No, I mean where's my DOG GONE!?! That is what I said to myself after Yard Sale Buddy left my house earlier. We were fresh from a new Clean Out and among all the hordes of cool stuff were these two old soda fountain dispensers I desperately wanted for my kitchen. I asked him what he wanted for his half and he graciously said I could have them, that sooner or later we would come across something he wanted to keep and it would be a wash. Well I didn't know 'Sooner or Later' meant RIGHT THEN and the something in question was Duff! Luckily even the rumble of those twin chrome tailpipes was drowned out by the desperate bays of the coonhound and I was able to rescue him in the driveway.

**no dogs were harmed in the making of this Blog! Yard Sale Buddy would not really steal my dog although I did tell him this morning "You'd sell your own mother for five bucks..." His response? "I'd have to get at least TEN."

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