Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Hunt For Mr. October

Red Sox Playoff Season is upon us and its arrival brings to mind thoughts of Mr. October. No I'm not talking about Reggie Jackson, I'm talking about the Husband who is suddenly miraculously able to stay up until all hours of the night watching West Coast Playoff Games. Sure enough, Mr. October himself sent me an Instant Message this morning, requesting I stock up on some of his favorite beer. Hmph, I thought; Whatever Happened to Kenny "I'm just not myself if I don't get my 8 hours" Pearl? June Cleaver that I am, happily obliged him with a trip to the Packie... but not before I had cooked up an Evil Scheme to go along with tonight's Enchiladas.

I'm really not a Nagging Wife (we do all recognize Kenny is out making an actual living here, thereby allowing me to frolic in the playground known as Salvage Chic, right?) so I try not to give him 20,000 things to do around the house on his downtime. But I did have one item on the 'Kenny-do' list that frankly, I was sick of looking at.

He caught me by surprise coming home a bit early from his Rhode Island office tonight but luckily I had already begun preparations for my little skit. He was bee-lining for the powder room after his long commute when something in the living room caught his eye and stopped him dead in his tracks.

The word CRESTFALLEN can only describe the look on his face when he saw that his beloved TV had been cordoned off like a crime scene. Then his jaw dropped even further as he read the accompanying note: "OUT OF ORDER UNTIL BATHROOM TOWEL ROD IS HUNG."

About an hour later Kenny had just finished scarfing up his beloved Enchiladas (did I mention I HATE Mexican food?) when he asked if I wanted to go hang out in the Living Room. I casually reminded him that the TV was 'Broken' and just as I was wondering if he was going to remember that there are other televisions in the house he could watch the game on, he suddenly got busy!! Neither snow, sleet, dead of night nor a dead drill battery could deter him from getting this done.

I do believe I heard a few utterances of "The THINGS Someone will do for Blog Material..." in between curses coming from behind the bathroom door but soon enough he emerged victoriously to reveal, my New Towel Rod! (Or actually, my Chippy Vintage Towel Rod, you knew I wouldn't buy a new one, right?)

He had to hang it way up high because the bathroom is so narrow (remember the previous post about the 'Charm' of Antique Homes? Knees practically hitting the wall while using the toilet is one of them...)

Now I can only pray that the Red Sox actually win tonight... THANKS KENNY!!
And since I cleaned the bathroom today while I was playing Happy Housewife, I'll leave you with a few more glimpses of my own 'Powder Room Antiques":

I can't resist any Vintage Dog thing so this old sketch of dogs peeing on the wall was a Definite Keeper. (Note: If you are going to decorate with Vintage Toiletries, alert all family members that they probably shouldn't USE them... we had one small Baby Powder that Burns Incident.)

Continuing the Dog/Pee theme, imagine my delight when I stumbled upon an old Avon Perfume bottle shaped like a hydrant!

My mom stitched together this little skirt for me so I could Velcro it to the underside of the sink, hiding the pipes and providing storage for cleaning products, extra toilet paper etc.

And last but not least, this is from that Catalog Barn. Having 2 rolls is really handy so you never run out; and No, I don't read Real Simple in the bathroom... it just looks cooler than whatever geeky video game magazine Someone Else reads, that is hiding behind it!


cfb said...

I can't imagine anyone wanting to look at pics of my bathroom, old house or not! Great job! (PS: Please don't tell me hubby took my job in RI!)

Salvage Chick's Blog said...

Thanks, CFB! No I don't think Hubby took your job in RI... unless you also are a Telecom MacGyver who could get dial tone out of a potato?? I thought he was the only one. ;p