Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grossed Out

File this under SERIOUSLY?!?

I received this email from a kind Craigslist Shopper recently: "Youre stuff is gross and not very nice looking why would you resell that. And please stop the overposts, one link to your website is enough. We want to see private sellers not you."

Um, OK. So I sat here sitting on my hands for a few minutes trying not to type a 2-word response ending in YOU! or OFF! Or retaliating simply "Get a Life." I wondered if this poor soul would appreciate a lesson in the difference between YOUR and YOURE, and that usage of the latter does require an apostrophe. Also, Interrogative sentences generally end with a question mark.

Then of course, I remembered I AM running a business here and while the Blog Fans might appreciate my snarky yet cute sentiments, this person would not. SIGH. I couldn't just ignore them, so after much careful thought replied: "If it’s not your taste, it’s not your taste; no need to be insulting. In the future when you search furniture and the page opens up and you see search for: and in: there’s a drop down box to the right of in: where you can select Furniture By Owner so you don’t see ads from any dealers."

Wasn't that Professional of me? Meanwhile, I'm just glad so many of you share my same Gross Style of Decorating. In fact, I'm off to gross up some more merchandise right now!


~*Jenn*~ said...

Isn't it amazing when people feel the need to actually sit down and spend their time sending you an emailing telling you how negatively they feel about your pieces? Like really, it was that important that you had to spend your time writing that and sending it?! Good thing most of us appreciate your gross taste, they'd probably die if they came to my house ;) Atleast it was Craigslist and not Kijiji, Kijiji users can send anonymous messages and you never get the chance to respond.

On to bigger and better, hopefully the next email is from a big spender not a big pooper ;)

misselaineous said...

HAH!!! I think you showed amazing restraint in not ending with the "off" Or "you" comments! I am constantly amazed at what people will bitch about..but to me the comment you received was like a diner in a restaurant peering over at a stranger's plate, and announcing at large that they would never eat peanut butter coated Maine lobster, ya know? No accounting for taste, but who cares? Ya don't like at another store, for crying out loud!! Personally, I love your stuff, and if I still lived in Taxachussetts {I know, old nickname} I would be a frequent lurker at your store & sales!! happy Thursday, from a transplanted New Englander, living in the bugs, heat & otherwise extreme beauty of Central Florida! *elaine*

C&G said...

What do they write to the people who post things like "Used Tupperware container. A little warped and stained but still works. $1."

I mean, do you want people coming to your house to look at an item that MIGHT sell for $1?

They must write "Your stuff is REALLY gross...etc...etc..."

Ires said...

Incredible incredible restraint, well done. (oh and the writer was an idiot and rude, incase that needs stating)

Anonymous said...

You can GROSS up my house anytime. There seems to be alot of 'commentary' on CL lately..people with too much time on their hands if you ask me.

Nice job..taking a deep breath...not sure I could have done the same.

Keep stinking up the place...we love it!

Ron said...

I am always amazed that I take 50 good comments in stride but a negative comment throws me for a loop. Why does one negative comment make us so riled up? It's unfortunate that someone that we don't even know can try to ruin our day.

Great response. I don't know if I could have been as restrained but it's important to maintain your good reputation.

An old irish saying "The art of diplomacy is telling a man to go to hell and having him look forward to the trip".

Beth said...

How little that person must have to do in life, to choose to spend time sending negative emails to total strangers. (Although evidently not enough time to check his own spelling.) Your response was very professional.

Since I found Salvage Chic initially through Craigslist, and your "gross" furniture is exactly to my taste, I myself am very glad that you DO post! Don't let one bad egg get you down.

Eileen said...

I too found you through Craig's List, so keep on posting, there are a lot of us out there who love your style. The emailer probably likes some of the other stuff on CL... you know, the stuff that you think, that's the most butt-ugly thing I've ever seen, but you're too nice to tell them so?

Anonymous said...
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