Sunday, October 18, 2009

Greetings from the North Pole

Just a note to all you Vintage Christmas Fans, our Holiday Open House is just FOUR weekends away and the Sweatshop, I mean Back Room, is already in full swing with preparations!! Claudia and I have our glue guns unholstered and are already churning out the famous Salvage Chic Christmas Wreaths. Today's torrential downpour made me wish I was home baking so I whipped up this little something with just the Ingredients I had on hand. Jam-packed with vintage kitchen tools & cookie cutters, plus old recipes putting it just over-the-top with Baking Whimsy, This would be the Perfect Gift for the Baker on your List! (Photos never do these babies justice, you must come to the Open House to see for yourself!)

And now a few glimpses of what else we've already unearthed. If these photos excite you... you should see what ELSE we'll be hauling out of storage!! See you at the Open House, Nov 14 & 15 from 10AM-5PM.


misselaineous said...

I LOVE the baker's wreath! You and your trusty glue gun did well! Hope your open house does great! I thought when I read North Pole that you were referring to the weather up there...:o} Our last winter on the Cape...1980? was so cold our oil line to the furnace that's too damn cold! have a great week *elaine*

cfb said...

Kitchen themed wreath eh? Hmnnn are you cutting in on my business? (pun fully intended!) Check out my "Sister In Law Gift" - could see a similar application for Salvage Chic! :-)

Salvage Chick's Blog said...

OK cfb, I have to admit... seeing your wreath last week reminded me I always wanted to make one (ask Claudia, I SWEAR!!) Love the SIL gift too, but I think I put all my Kitchen Ingredients on the Wreath! Your etsy shops look fabulous as usual, keep up the good work!!