Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taking Care of Business...

Every Day! Taking care of business, Every Way! I've been taking care of business, it's all mine! Taking care of business and working overtime, work out... so sang the Bachman-Turner Overdrive and hopefully that song's stuck in all of your heads now, too!

The week started off with a bang yesterday with a 10AM housecall in Pembroke where I bought some fabulous items from a woman with great taste whose house is so amazing it made me want to go home and de-crapify my house, paint everything white and live in a very tastefully spartan existence amongst a glorious array of old hotel silver. My only regret was I did not bring my camera to document the Jeepful of goodies I acquired!

Then off to the shop to unload the goodies and price & place some FABULOUS items that arrived Sunday; the goal was to make room for some stuff Claudia was going to help me pick up in Kingston that I bought last Friday, but luckily the woman had a last minute appointment so we got a reprieve and just in time for us to visit AN AUCTION where I was NOT SUPPOSED to buy any furniture but of course... I did.

So today, Tuesday, found Claudia and I in the shop with WAY too much new inventory trying to figure out how to get rid of some, shall we say, stagnant items. "We need Jack to come get this Art Deco bureau of his" she said, to which I jokingly replied "Call him." I really didn't mean to push that on her, I figured I'd just talk to him over the weekend but the next thing I knew, she was on the phone! "JACK! We didn't see you last weekend, we were worried about you, is everything OK? Just thought you'd like to know, we sold your church pew this morning, isn't that great? Oh and by the way - WE NEED YOU TO COME PICK UP SOME OF YOUR AWFUL FURNTURE THAT IS NEVER GOING TO SELL." Alright, I'm taking a little creative license here, she was much nicer than that. And Jack took it well, from what I hear... Special Thanks to Claudia for TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. And it's not just Jack's items that need to go, so stop in Salvage Chic this weekend for some Real Furniture Bargains! The Magic Words are "I notice this has been around for a while, can you do better on the price?" And the answer is... "YOU BETCHA!"

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