Thursday, April 30, 2009

Market Fresh!

Today found me with some time on my hands and a beautiful day so I decided to take a jaunt up to NH and check out the Sage Farm Antique Mart. This lovely venue is open just one weekend a month, stocked by multiple vendors with quality merchandise and a fresh concept - each month's show has a theme, and after the weekend what hasn't sold must be removed so the place can be completely reinvented for the next month's show.

The trip took a little longer than I expected, as it was almost 90 miles from Halifax up to Exit 2 in NH, and I forgot to factor in my Wicked Ridiculous Fear of Driving Over Bridges; driving white-knuckled at 2 miles an hour over the Leonard Zakim bridge definitely slowed me down. But when I pulled up to the Farm and was greeted by all the wonderful junktiques on the porch, I hopped merrily out of the Jeep ready to do some shopping.

Thursday is the Dealer Preview day which I thought lasted from 10 to 1 so you can imagine my chagrin when I checked in at 11:50 and the woman looked at her watch and said "I'm not sure how strictly it's being enforced but you might want to shop fast, we close in 10 minutes." (Insert Psycho knife-stabbing sound effects here along with my horrified expression) Luckily my friend Audrey who peddles her wares at this Market was there working and assured me I could take my time looking around. Oh - and don't let the "Dealer Preview" scare you off, the Market is restocked all weekend long!

The May Market was called "Green and Simple" and was just chock-full of awesome chippy furniture and garden elements, all at amazingly affordable prices. Audrey graciously showed me the layout and there was just so much to take in I forgot all about taking pictures, trying not to rip the tickets off of everything I saw for fear I would fill my Jeep too quickly and find 'even better' stuff around the next corner. It was only when we hit a large room towards the back where Audrey introduced me to the owner Sharyl and her merchandise, saying "This is where the REAL Antiques are", that I remembered Claudia was going to kill me if I didn't come home with photographic evidence of the place.
Check out this phenomenal potting bench comprised of vintage salvage, complete with sink ready to be plumbed and start flowing!!

I felt like somewhat of a celebrity as Audrey was introducing me to all the vendors, many of whom seemed to be excited to meet "Salvage Chick" in person, as they had either heard of my shop or visited the website and had many kind things to say about Salvage Chic. I'm embarrassed to say I was not retaining names & faces because I was too busy scanning the merchandise so if I run into these folks again, I hope they will understand when I stare at them blankly!!

Here's a glimpse of my Pile of Booty right before I loaded up the Jeep for the return trip home and YES, this stuff will all be for sale at Salvage Chic this weekend! All in all it was a Great Day... despite being in the wrong lane on the way home and accidentally taking Route 1 South instead of staying on 95. Which eventually led me to Boston - via the Most Dastardly of All Bridges to Drive Over: The TOBIN! Yikes. Neither Rain, Snow, Sleet nor Fear of Bridges will keep Salvage Chick from garnering cool merchandise!!

Check Out for more info about the Monthly Marketplace, and mark your calendars for the 1st weekend of every month: ROAD TRIP! Oh, and be sure to tell 'em Salvage Chick sent you!


Anonymous said...

Why I earth would you tell your cutomers where you are buying your merchandise?? I might as well buy the stuff at Sage Farm at a cheaper price than buying it from you..not a good business move..I think,,

Salvage Chick's Blog said...

Thanks for your comment, I can see how you would wonder that. I'm not making an exceptional markup on the items from a place like Sage as much as patronizing fellow dealers and trying to spread the word about their venue. If you visit Sage you'll find the retail pricepoints to be about the same as Salvage Chic. Of course, if you have to travel as far as I did to get there, it'll probably cost you more in the long run...

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous find and how incredibly generous of you to share with all of us! Now we can not only shop at Salvage Chic on Massachusett's South Shore but also venture up to New Hampshire to Sage Farm Antiques. It's only open the first weekend of every month - no threat to anyone considering how much stuff there is out there in the universe for all of us to fall upon. Both shops are more than worth the trip and the shop owners are just the kind of business folks you want to support - professional and hardworking individuals!! Happy Hunting to All. See you at SC and Sage Farm - fabulous merch and great prices at both places.

Maddie said...

i'm glad you're able to share the places you go to look for things! it just shows you aint greedy. you know? you're just trying to spread the joy of antiquing to everyone and i appreciate it.