Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I wasn't kidding when I said we are in full-blown Spring Fling "Out With The OLD!" mode this week at Salvage Chic. So much so that yesterday when a woman inquired about buying one of our "Not For Sale" display cases, Claudia and I decided HEY, that's a way to shake things up... Today as I was emptying the shelves out before the woman came to pick it up I got an idea in my head; sometimes you just need to rearrange stuff that's been around a while and it literally starts flying out the door. So I cleared the room of all the kitcheny items and started piecing together this little boy's bedroom. Of course as luck would have it as soon as I start a project like this the shop got ridiculously busy and the phone started ringing off the hook. Every time I climbed up on the green nightstand & bureau to try to hang the Sesame St curtains there it went.... RING RING RING! Sigh. For the 3rd time in 10 minutes I jumped down in my stocking feet, tripped over my clogs and ran to answer the phone. "Hello, I'm calling about an ad you have on Craigslist for a green bureau and matching nightstands, do you still have them?" Ummm, yes we do... (thinking, you mean the ones I just climbed off of after I moved them because they have been sitting around for 3 months?) GREAT said the woman, I need them delivered to Quincy and here is my credit card number. OK - funny how that worked - I know I said stuff has a funny way of selling right after we rearrange it, but usually people have to SEE THE ITEMS IN PERSON!

Here's a look at the rest of the room, and what else might NOT be around for long... Stop in this weekend and get it while it's HOT!

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Maddie said...

ba da ba ba ba i'm lovin it. haha i hope you get this reference! anyways. little kids room looks sweet!! i'll see you guys soon!