Friday, May 29, 2009

Design Star Challenge!

For those of you who've been noticing all of the exciting changes to the building that hosts Salvage Chic - Tomorrow marks the Grand Opening of the Bryantville Pizza Kitchen!! Owned & operated by the new landlord "The Handyman", who bought the property about 6 weeks ago from Billy Kidd. (and NO, he HASN'T raised the rent... what seems to be everyone's First Question.) We've actually been getting along remarkably well, so remarkably well that today, when The Handyman approached me with That Look that usually accompanies bad news, I waited for the other shoe to drop. "UM, Salvage Chick, I wonder if I could ask you a favor... you know that tomorrow is the Grand Opening, and UM, I have a lot of Friends and Family coming, so I, UH.." HERE WE GO! I thought. He is going to say something stupid like "was wondering if you & Claudia could drive your bikes to work so I have more parking spaces?" I waited. "I, UH, was wondering if you could help me decorate my bathroom." OH! SURE! We'd LOVE to! And I merrily skipped over to meet our Design Challenge.

Once there I was amazed to see that once again, The Handyman has not done anything half-way. This bathroom is decked out in travertine tile which, while lovely, didn't seem to lend itself well to "salvage chic". It cried out for dark & contemporary accents. I briefly thought to myself "Too bad I don't own the Bombay Company, then he'd be all set..." SIGH. Off to consult Claudia. She took a peek and we put our heads together, brought over some goods, brought some back, brought more over, all the while muttering "Does he know people BEG to PAY us to come do this kind of ****?" or more importantly, "Someone is probably robbing our store BLIND while we're over here obsessing." It's not perfect - but we didn't think he'd like us hammering into the tiled walls just so we could hang some fabric to 'soften' the place up. It looks much better in person - go check it out! And tell him Salvage Chick sent you... although you might have to order some food; he might think it odd that you just want to see the bathroom!!

Oh and PS - if you want to adopt any of these pieces, just ask at Salvage Chic! All items are still for sale.

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