Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jack of All Trades

So if you haven't figured it out by now, Mack of Never Open Antiques across the street recently defected to the Salvage Chic team. And since I hopefully no longer have to worry about him suing me for defamation of character, I can write about him using his real name - Jack. Poor Jack. He had a really hard time transitioning from the Land of Unsold Mahogany to the idea that Painted Furniture Sells. Chippy and Distressed are a plus, but Jack proceeded cautiously at first; he painted his items within an inch of their lives. Coat after coat of pristine paint that I'll admit looked wonderful, but all I could think was one ding on each piece was going to ruin its appeal. I mean, we sling a lot of furniture around and sometimes it's tough to navigate a piece out the door without knocking into something. So last Sunday Jack showed up announcing that he had a few new pieces to sell. I followed him out to his truck, inwardly cringing and half-tuned in to his "blahblahblah I was going to paint it... but then I thought I'd try just sanding it a little." Huh? He threw open the truck cap and I peered hesitantly in. Oh My God! I inhaled with delight. "Oh Jack! You are all grown up now, you are Distressing Furniture!!" Seriously I wanted to hug him. Then I accidentally blurted out that I was going to throw up if he had brought another piece in what I was starting to refer to as Jack Yellow. (Just ask Claudia, she's seen me 'accidentally' scuff his stuff while muttering "#!@*! Jack Yellow." Sorry Jack. You know we love having you aboard... and not just because your wife sends us cookies. Keep up the good work!!

Scoot on in to Salvage Chic this week and grab this masterpiece from The-Artist-Formerly-Known-as-Mack... I don't think it will be here long!!

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