Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter, Bunny!

I was talking to my Mom the other night when she casually mentioned she was making Easter Dinner and she didn't suppose I'd be coming. It's kind of weird having a work schedule that's the opposite of pretty much everyone I know; so I assumed the dinner was going to be in the middle of the day, as Holiday dinners tend to be, and politely declined. Well, maybe not so politely, I may have said something like "I have to WORK, the whole world does not celebrate EASTER." One of the things that distinguishes Salvage Chic from places like Never Open Antiques is that we have regular days & hours we are open, and don't just close on a whim because it's raining or snowing or the day ends in Y. Folks do come from all over to visit - especially on the weekends. I'd hate to have someone drive down from East Overshoe and find us closed on a Sunday. But then my Mom reminded me I'd be missing out on a Serious Family Tradition... my Dad has this 79-year-old Aunt Bunny. Her real name is Beatrice, but forever she's been Bunny, she's a total hoot and a lady of that era can just get away with being called that. Anyway, we all think it's a scream that once a year we get to exclaim "Happy Easter, Bunny!" Kenny and I decided we just cannot pass up the opportunity. Have no fear, Salvage Chic will still be open Sunday from 11-5; then we'll scoot up to my Parents' House in Boston for dinner; I hope there's enough ham to go around, as my Mom has not yet been forewarned. And for those of you not named BUNNY - Happy Easter to you too!!


Dick Brown said...

I'm from East Overshoe!

Dick Brown said...

I live in East Overshoe!