Friday, June 27, 2008

A Day Late and A DOLL Short...

Last Sunday Mack from Never Open Antiques around the corner stopped by for his weekly visit and while I was busy pretending to be happy to see him I spied this vintage Saucy Walker Doll in his truck bed, complete with the box. WHAT'S THIS? I asked delightedly and he said "Oh, just something I picked up at a Yard Sale..." We agreed I would do some research on it so I scampered into the shop with the doll, which I discovered should sell for upwards of $200 on eBay and promptly listed for sale via auction.

The next day being my day off I was in the Halifax library and my cell phone rang. I will admit I saw the new sign on the door "PLEASE TURN CELL PHONES OFF BEFORE ENTERING" but thought No One Calls My Cell Phone Ever so forgot all about it until there I was perusing the stacks and the thing started ringing like a banshee. Oh God. I dug through my purse trying to silence it while people looked at me like I was Charles Manson, finally! I found it and turned it off.

Once in the parking lot I turned it back on and sure enough I had a message. "Hi Salvage Chick, it's Mack." Just when I was thinking How Nice to Hear From My Long Lost Cousin Mack he continued "From Never Open Antiques." SIGH. THAT Mack. "I need you to end that auction for the doll, it's a long story... but my wife wants it."

I called him back and let him know I got his message and would end the auction when I got home. The story was quite touching, turns out his wife had been given a similar doll by her grandmother but it had been lost in her youth during a family move. "Thanks a lot", Mack said, "Be sure to take something for your trouble." OUT OF WHAT? I almost said; but then remembered I traded an item of his to get my shop bathroom painted and he wouldn't take any money. "No Problem, Mack; that's what Friends are for." Or more appropriately Frien-emies. But you guys know we really like each other, right??

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The Cochrans said...

Oh, well, easy come, easy go. Hope you get to have your way with the next doll you find.

I used to publish an antique monthly and remember writing about that particular model of doll, wish I remember all the research I did for the story. Now I have a blog on my website and again get to do what I enjoy most: researching, interviewing, photographing and writing. Only now I save trees.

The website is also where we upload the entire 200 pages of our free annual travel-size map guide to antique stores and shows in the western states.

I've already added a link to your blog to my site, and hope you'll consider doing the same. It's
Bliss Cochran