Sunday, June 22, 2008

Red Rover, Red Rover...

Send Me a Land Rover! The other week I got this email invoice from eBay congratulating me on my winning bid for a 2001 Land Rover, to the tune of $5700. My first thought was There Must Be Some Mistake; I did not bid on a Land Rover... Then my mind recalled an incident a few days earlier when I went to check my email and found my laptop had all these funny windows open. I asked my Husband if he had been using my laptop and he was suspiciously defensive. Or maybe I was just paranoid (because I have all these exciting emails between me & Claudia to hide... NOT) then he continued "you might want to ask a certain double-pawed Feline who has a penchant for sleeping on keyboards if he knows anything." Sh*t. Fast forward to me receiving the Land Rover invoice and make that Double Sh*t. Some cats get stoned on catnip and run around chasing imaginary mice, mine orders Land Rovers. Luckily and do I mean LUCKILY I took a second look at the invoice and saw it was sent to my eBay user ID with a slight misspelling in the name. So I forwarded it to eBay security and sure enough, it was a fake. Needless to say I learned my lesson and now lock my laptop up tighter than Fort Knox when it is unattended.

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