Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cutting Corners

No, I'm not talking about scrimping to make ends meet, I'm talking about PAINTING, what I finally got around to doing today. I've been planning on repainting the shop for a month now, and thanks to the May Clearance sale and my Big Yard Sale, there was finally room to get started. Now if I could only stop procrastinating... I'm quite a whiz with the roller but I HATE the edge work. I don't have the patience for it and normally tape off edges within an inch of their lives to avoid mistakes. My Husband, on the other hand, LOVES to cut the corners. This is the man I nicknamed Picasso because of the loving care he takes spreading cream cheese on his bagel, while I'm like EAT IT ALREADY! You should see how neat and clean he paints edges with the patience of a saint. Unfortunately, unlike me he has a 'Real' job so he was unavailable to assist. And Yard Sale Buddy, if he Cuts Corners in the painting sense like he does in the monetary (I don't think he's EVER bought anything NEW!), would probably be an ace at it too. But he was equally unavailable today. He told me he had to work, so I stopped by his place of employment with a coffee (There I go, PROCRASTINATING again) only to find out he WAS NOT THERE. I called him up and he said "Ummm... no... that's TOMORROW I have to work." Hmph. Guess he just did not feel like painting.

Finally I sucked it up and got to work. Five hours later, the shop had a whole new look! Well, actually just the front green room. And it's the same color, so it's really not that new. But very FRESH looking! Of course I forgot my camera, so you'll have to stop in this week and see for yourself.

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