Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Longest Yard Sale

No, I'm not talking about that 500 mile one that stems from Nashville to Kentucky and 3 other states... I'm talking about the one at Salvage Chic this weekend! Claudia and I were at the shop bright and early this morning to get everything set up; we had enlisted Kenny to help so there could be someone in the shop at all times in case the Dreaded Early Birds showed up. Sure enough, not 5 minutes into the setup this van comes screeching into the parking lot and the driver hops out excitedly waiting to pounce on our goods. Just when I was thinking, Look at this Jerk, I realized - it was Claudia's Husband! Well I guess he is allowed to pounce on her goods... actually he was just saying Hi, and it was nice to see him and all the Loyal Salvage Chic fans who turned out in response to my Yard Sale email. The good news was, the rain held off and we had a lot of sales; the bad news was, I kept bringing out more stuff I'm sick of looking at and marking it down, so I think I ended up with MORE to haul in at the end of the day than I started with. The best news is, it will all be back out tomorrow so stop by if you missed it, and score some great bargains because EVERYTHING OUTSIDE MUST GO!

And for those who were worried I'm Going Out Of Business with the onslaught of sales lately; Have No Fear! I'm just making room for new inventory and some slight renovations.

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