Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A May-December Romance?

NO, not me and Yard Sale Buddy! I can't believe people keep asking if we're married. Well, HE claims people ask if I'm his wife; all I hear is "Is that Your Husband's Blue Truck I always see outside?" Oh GOD. You know he COULD be my father, right?
Anyway on Sunday Mack popped by to show me a little primitive cupboard he acquired, I was surprised to see him because I knew he had a family gathering to go to; as I was talking to him this woman popped up and said Hi, she looked familiar so I just figured it was a regular customer and said Hi back then went back to talking with Mack. We went out to look at the thing in his truck and the lady followed us, that's when I realized it was his wife! She was sporting this fabulous blown-out hairdo and these cute little bootleg jeans, I was so embarrassed not to recognize her I forgot to thank her for the Christmas Cookies she sent me. Anyway where am I going with this story, you ask? To Reed Hollow a couple of hours later, where I met up with Claudia who had been in the Salvage Chic parking lot at the same time as us; and you know what she said? "Mack's daughter is so cute". I almost wet my pants laughing. That's his wife! They are about the same age but I hate to say it Mack, she looks a lot hotter than you. Please thank her for the cookies.

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