Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fresh from the Asylum

Fortunately, it was not THAT type of Asylum or they might have tried to detain us. Rather, it was the Antique Asylum down in Buzzards Bay and where Yard Sale Buddy and I were killing time today before a cleanout appointment in Carver. While I was browsing around Yard Sale Buddy found (surprise) a pocketknife he wanted and I overheard the guy asking him if he had a resale number. I had amassed a few items too so I took them to the counter and said "Add it all together, I have a Taxpayer ID." Now normally I choose to remain anonymous and write the tax off on the other end but Hey it's March and with business down, 5% at this time of year actually matters. I filled out the form for the lady behind the counter and she took it back and exclaimed "Salvage Chick! You're THE BLOGGER!" Gulp. Yes I am I sheepishly replied and while my mind was feverishly pedalling ('I hope I never wrote anything BAD about this place...') she pointed at YSB and said "You must be YARD SALE BUDDY!" Oh god. She said she stumbled on my blog and bookmarked it because she enjoyed it, I was very flattered but all I could think was DAMAGE CONTROL. Just this past Sunday Mack from Never Open Antiques was spouting to Yard Sale Buddy "I don't have to ask what you two have been up to because SHE blasts it ALL OVER the Internet..." I may have given YSB the impression that noone reads the Blog but Mack, Claudia, and my parents... and about 500 other people monthly, spanning 6 continents, if Google Statistics can be trusted. I may have left out that last part. I needn't have worried though, he was so tickled that our fame has spread as far as the Cape, he bought me a Happy Meal to celebrate. And we STILL had time to kill.

Visit our new friends at the Antique Asylum at 125 Main St, Bourne; and be sure to tell 'em SALVAGE CHICK and YARD SALE BUDDY sent you!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the ASYLUM gets a lot of laughs! Check out the cranberry sorting machine from Carver. And the origional grandfather clock. I like to browse in antique shops, but most are dusty, dirty and smelly. This one is very clean, neatly arranged and smells nice.

Jennifer, Antique Asylum said...

Hi Christine, Thanks for stopping by my shop and writing about your experience on your blog. As you know, I finally got up to your area to see your shop a little while ago and I LOVED it. You have a great eye for the cool and unusual.

Take care!
Antique Asylum