Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Wheels Just Keep on Turning

as the Contest Deadline for cool junk projects to be featured in the Country Home Magazine fast approaches. You know how I love free publicity... well my Mom and I scored some awesome old baby buggy wheels yesterday and knowing this type of ingredient is right up the JunkMarket Gals' alley, I was anxious to create. We showed the wheels to Yard Sale Buddy and he agreed we could find some sort of axle to thread through them and have a 4 tier revolving display rack. I wasn't so sure we could find this axle by March 3rd... and Impatience is my middle name so we started poking around the shop looking for things to attach a wheel to. About an hour later after much trial and tribulation, not to mention the BFI factor (my husband's abbreviation for "Brute Force and Ignorance") we had managed to wedge a buggy wheel onto a wheel barrow wheel atop an upside-down piano stool and VOILA! The junkiest revolving display rack EVER. (*Note to self: Next Time use Protective Eye Goggles...)

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