Sunday, March 30, 2008

BURN Baby BURN, Disco Inferno...

That is the song I can't get out of my head since visiting Yard Sale Buddy last week. It doesn't help that Pembroke's only 24/7 Yard Sale has WROR blasting on the loudspeaker so I always leave with SOME oldie but goodie stuck in my head; Yard Sale Buddy was burning leaves and from the looks of the piles he has raked up, will be doing so non-stop until the burning season ends. I was curious about the logistics of leaf burning since my Husband is always complaining about the lack of disposal outlets around here; so Yard Sale Buddy explained to me how you just pull a permit with the town and on the day you're burning (or every day, in his case) you call the Fire Dept and give them your permit number so they know to be on standby in case something goes awry. "I've had the same permit number for 12 years," he boasted, "and they've never had to come help me once." REALLY? I replied in amazement, as I watched a burning piece of brush shoot out of the barrel and land on an awaiting pile of leaves; BECAUSE I THINK THAT PART OF YOUR YARD JUST LIT ON FIRE. He just nonchalantly walked over and tamped out the fire with his feet. That's when I realized I was not wearing Asbestos Shoes... and promptly got the heck out of there. When I got home Kenny sniffed judiciously and asked "have you been at a Fire Sale?" NAH, I replied, Just Yard Sale Buddy's Yard.

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