Friday, March 21, 2008

The St. Patrick's Day Massacre

With a title like that you're surely imagining Salvage Chick & Yard Sale Buddy in a Dumpster Diving accident after imbibing too much green beer... but I can assure you I was totally sober in the shop last week when I witnessed this little Irish Lass jump right off the mantel, bringing the mug down with her!! Of course, you know the music box is not something I would normally stock; but Mack from Never Open Antiques brought it over as a gesture of goodwill to contribute to my Saint Patty's display... or so I THOUGHT! He probably spring-loaded the thing so it would attack an unsuspecting customer who could then sue me so I have to go out of business, leaving this WHOLE INTERSECTION to HIMSELF and his NEVER-OPEN CRONIES. Or maybe he has just never gotten over the time I threw a sconce at his head...

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