Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?

So Dice Ken called tonight to alert me that he will be home late because his boss is in town and taking him out to dinner. Then he said maybe we could hang out and have a couple of beers when he gets home. Now, normally it is MY arm twisting HIS but I think I was put off by his news since I had actually PLANNED a dinner so I said Yeah, well, we'll see; I have an early appointment tomorrow. "Early Appointment?" Yes I said I have a Buying Appointment tomorrow at 9. Now I can hear Mister Early-to-Bed-Early-to-Rise choking back laughter at the thought that "Early" and "9 AM" are synonymous in his wife's vocabulary but he bravely presses on. "A Buying Appointment? Like a private viewing of some stuff that is not available for sale to anyone else?" Yes. "Where exactly is this Buying Appointment?" Pembroke. Now he is full blown laughing, "Pembroke, you can't even tell me where in Pembroke? What do you think I'm going to call up Perez Hilton and tell him where your secret buying appointment is so he can blog about it and the Paparazzi can stalk you?" Maybe. (Actually, I just couldn't remember the street name... but it's good to keep him guessing.)

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