Friday, November 16, 2007

Mickey Moves to Pembroke

"M-I-C... See you've been evicted! K-E-Y... Why? Because it' MY garage!!"

Yard Sale Buddy and I were cleaning out my garage one day and there was this big huge wooden bin full of scrap lumber and shingles that had been sitting there since I bought the place in 2004. As he was tossing the lumber into his truck he reached in the bin at one point and came up with a handful of what looked like dryer lint. UH-OH, I said, that almost looks like a nest. "What? No, that's old, don't worry about it..." and just when I am about to say no, really, look at how that has been lovingly crafted out of scraps of all kinds of things, he lifted out this cardboard box and all of a sudden this mouse came catapulting out, flew straight through the air and landed in the bed of Yard Sale Buddy's truck. "LOOK!" he exclaimed as he set the box down outside and I could hear him counting all the way to TEN as the mice performed a mass exodus. Now mind you at this point I had my eyes squeezed shut and hands over my ears so I would not have to deal with Yard Sale Buddy pretending to throw vermin at me but I opened them long enough to see one wayward mouse who had made his way back into the garage only to keel over and literally DIE of FRIGHT. So I was feeling bad enough about being a homewrecker and mouse killer when later on that night Yard Sale Buddy phoned. "Guess what; I got all that lumber out of my truck and wouldn't you know after the last piece that mouse was still in my truck! He jumped out and ran across the street to my neighbor's." Oh great. One more thing to feel guilty about.

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