Monday, November 26, 2007

Sconce de Leon

Wasn't he the famous explorer that discovered Bryantville? Last Sunday Mack from Never Open Antiques was over spying, I mean visiting, while I was rearranging my office area. I showed him my Reader's Choice Award that I finally got around to framing and I think he was a little jealous. We had already had the discussion about why his store didn't win, where I told him you have to actually have a NAME for folks to write in and nobody is really sure what his store is really called. Anyway, he leaned in close and said "Not to burst your bubble but..." and proceeded to tell me a story about a woman shopping in his store that day who had some unkind things to say about my prices. Now I only really have one button worth pushing when it comes to my shop and Boy did Mack pick the right one. I could tell he was goading me but I lost my cool anyway and let out a string of unutterables. Then he asked me "do you actually EAT with that mouth?" so I replied YES and I kiss my mother with it too and here's where it got ugly; I had been in the process of rearranging some wall sconces and one of them jumped right off the wall and flew at Mack's head. Honestly I wasn't even touching it at the time, it must have just sensed my irk. Poor Mack hightailed it out of there then who came in but Claudia; now I had to explain not only that it was her sconce globe that broke, but why I was so aggravated; it was more in the snide delivery than what he said. Claudia just looked at me with that patient look mothers reserve for their well-intentioned children who have maybe caught the kitchen on fire while trying to cook Mother's Day breakfast; what she should have said was "HELLO You run that guy up the flagpole on your Blog on a regular basis!!" Um, yeah, there is some truth in THAT. Apparently I can dish it out but I can't take it.

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