Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yard Sale Buddy's Greatest Hits

No I'm not talking about The Beatles, he actually got NEW music for his truck! Well, new OLD music but still something different. So I got to Cry Ninety Six Tears all morning on Friday while we Yard Saled. I passed the time honing my Yard Sale Buddy Repertoire, first him at HIS Yard Sale: "what about this, (insert rusted, broken or generally crappy item), people look for these to put on the side of their garages, you interested? I'll make you a package deal." Then him at OTHER PEOPLE'S Yard Sales: "What else you got? You got any pocket watches? How bout money clips?" Normally I ignore him and just kind of let him run on in the background, but that day we were at a Church Rummage Sale, you know the kind where the sweet little old ladies sit and sell clothing etc. for like ten cents a piece? Well after he paid for his items he said to the lady with the cash box "So what else you got?" I thought she was going to die of fright, she all but handed him the cash box thinking he was trying to rob her while he was craning his neck trying to get a look into the back room. Luckily I was able to swoop in and hustle him outta there before the other lady called the police. We back got to the truck just in time to cry another ninety six tears...

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