Saturday, October 6, 2007

People Are Strange

Or maybe just rude and insensitive! This lady was in the shop on Thursday, she came around the back and asked "Is this Yours?" At first I thought she meant the old deli scale she was standing in front of but then I realized she meant the store; either way the answer was Yes. She said "You have some REALLY COOL stuff...Your Prices are Out of Sight." Now mind you I was busy saying Thanks after the cool stuff part so I missed whether she said AND or BUT in there but people are telling me all the time how reasonable my prices are and out of sight usually is a GOOD thing, right, like 'far out' or 'dyno-mite'? She was looking at me funny after I said Thanks so I qualified "Assuming you meant out of sight in a good way" and you know what she said?? "I didn't. I mean, you are charging double or triple what other places get for this stuff". I was dumbfounded. I wish I could have thought of something snappy or sassy to say like "well tell me where these other places are so I can go buy their stuff too" but I just stood there with my jaw hanging open and she goes "Cohasset Consignment?" with a question mark like "heard of it?" Sorry I hadn't but I hoped the door hit her on her arse on her way out to the parking lot. I mean really, does she know how how many "overpriced" $12 items I have to sell to even BREAK EVEN let alone all the TIME I spend trying to find "cool stuff" to sell?!? I bet she would REALLY HATE the prices at the shops of all the OTHER DEALERS who buy my stuff to resell because it's so REASONABLY PRICED. Of course I said none of this to her. I just sat there fuming, and then after she left Yard Sale Buddy came in and took one look at me vacuuming furiously - he knows I never vacuum - he said "What's wrong?" so I told him. By the end of the story I was totally crying. I felt like such a loser but good old Yard Sale Buddy pretended he didn't notice while I snivelled in the back room.

I don't know why I got so upset, I must have just been having a bad day. Even the next morning, when Yard Sale Buddy and I ran out of Friday Yard Sales to go to and he said "Well why don't we just go buy some sh*t at Cohasset Consignment and triple the price?" I laughed out loud.

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