Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hit and Run

I was out in the parking lot with Claudia looking at some stuff in her van when suddenly we saw this guy scrambling at the curb juggling mini pumpkins and a plant stand. "Uh Oh..." said Claudia ominously and just as I was going to further investigate, the guy TOOK OFF RUNNING and hopped into his vehicle. Without even uprighting the chair he knocked over! By then I was out at the curb and he rolled down his window and yelled "Sorry I didn't see it". What didn't he see? That whole lineup of stuff on the SIDEWALK, roughly the size of I don't know, maybe 4 small children? Judging from the dent to his car this is not the first time he 'didn't see' something. I just looked at the guy so he repeated himself, SORRYIDIDNTSEEIT; "That's OK," I replied, "at least it was not a PERSON you didn't see" ...what I should have added was "You owe me 4 bucks for the pumpkin you jacka**".

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