Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sometimes You've Gotta Kiss a Lot of Frogs

before you meet That Prince. Luckily I already have mine so I've got plenty of time to do stupid things like purchase 40 boxes of random items, Sight Unseen. The 1st of the month always brings people out of the woodwork trying to make rent money and in this case it was one of my regular Supply Guys who drove up with a vanload of boxes. The Price was Right if I looked at it from the perspective of each box being a scratch ticket that may or may not be a big winner, so I gambled. And immediately regretted it as he started loading the boxes in the Shop's back room and I realized how many there actually were... and wondering whether I should file this under the "I Should Have My Head Examined", or the "Claudia's Gonna Kill Me!" file.

By the time he left I had a wall of boxes 5 wide by 4 high and 2 deep. Originally I had thought "if I can just tackle one box a day..." but when I conveyed this idea to Claudia she shot me a look that said she would have to kill me long before 30 days was up. (Did I mention space is at a premium back there?)

Luckily I was able to take advantage of the Monsoon that killed business on Saturday and tackle most of the boxes. I felt like a Scientist on an Archeological Dig as I unearthed and identified each Layer. "Ah, here we have the Leftovers From the Multi-Family Yard Sale: VHS tapes & Bud Lite Bottle Coozies"... "Ugh, the Dreaded Other Dealer's Duds: Enough Cut Glass & Tarnished Silverplate to Choke A Horse (still with price tags on)"... and then suddenly, right about when I was muttering "why the !$@*# did I buy all this crap?" AHA! The "We Inherited the House and Just Want to Get Rid of All This Junk So We Can Sell It" Civilization!! I LOVE that Tribe! And the Payload: lots of 1950's-60's Kitchen Stuff, Magazines, Cookbooks, Pottery, and More! I guess this beats Kissin' Frogs after all...

THIS is just the Stuff I got rid of; Don't you wonder what I kept? Stop in this weekend and see What's New... you won't be disappointed!!

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